Positivity & Hope: The hottest gift this season

For the Modern Hippie

Some movements create cultural, emotional and spiritual experiences through fashion: here’s how Très Tropical does it.


By: Andrea Rojas Ulate for Traffic Magazine


In the century of fast fashion everything is going so rapidly that we can barely stop to think about what we’re actually buying. In spite of this, some brands are trying to prove that there are still those who wish to create well-being and conscious experiences by means of their garments and accessories… one of such brands is Très Tropical.

Collective consciousness, peaceful expression and respect for nature; these are the messages through which the firm aims towards freedom to produce only what is necessary and to create through art. Their effortless - but sophisticated - pieces, are works of art that should be showcased to the world.

From the modern hippie to the spirit junkies and nomads, everyone is invited: Très Tropical is about inclusion and self-esteem, and miracles.

Their new "Miracle Collection" is an ode to casual chic style whilst remaining completely aligned with the universe.

Get your shopping bags ready!